Small or DIY kayak dolly or carrier

I am having some trouble with carrying my axis 12 long distances. Is their a small kayak dolly I can fit in my hull? Or something I can make myself?

Btw, took my axis 12 on some minor rapids yesterday. It was awesome. First time on rapids on a kayak for me.

I built one with parts from Lowes. Two utility wheels, steel rod axle u-bolted to a 1x4 with a V-cradle. attached the wheels with spring pins so that i could quickly remove them to stow it in my kayak.

sounds like a great idea do you have a picture I can see?


If you decide not to build one, these two by Bean are small and well-designed; the deluxe has fatter tires, which might make it harder to stow:



DIY Cart
Someone posted this web site a while back. I didn’t build it yet so I don’t know how well it will work.

I’ve got three DIY carts on my blog

Cost is a big concern for me, so most of my gear is used, salvaged, re-purposed, or homemade. If you’re one of those lucky bastards that still has a decent income, and don’t have to turn off the heat during the winter so you’ll have money to go paddling, then my blog may not be that helpful.

Here are some ideas

PVC is great. Use schedule 80 if you can get it.

kayak cart
A lot depends on if you plan to take it apart and take it with you in a hatch. If you plan not to do so, there are many good carts out there. I finally ended up with a C-Tug just so that I can take it with me in the kayak. I have small hatches.

nice blog
I liked it. Good cart ideas.

I bought one from LL Bean
After borrowing a friend’s on a trip - I opted to get my own. I was paddling solo with a decent portage from the road to the river and having the wheels made for a very easy portage.

The one I got fits perfectly in the back hatch - which was the major selling point to me.

I like the c-tug but cost is a factor. Thanks for the blog site. Might try one of those builds.