Small Paddlers: Head's Up!

-- Last Updated: Feb-26-05 6:25 AM EST --

I had railed for several years about having more lower volume, day touring boats designed for the samller paddler for several years. I gave up when boat after boat comes out for the bigger folks.

I knew Pat/Onno was working on a boat, Mermaid, for smaller paddlers and was bugging him about posting some pics. Well, he got some up and the boat is looking good!

I like how low it sits in the water with just the paddler. Means less windage and less weight to carry and push. Combined with Pat's penchant for plumb ends, this boat has more waterline than a boat of similar length and should be a relatively fast boat for smaller paddler. Shouldn't kill that person to get it up to speed and keep it there. From the side view, the boat looks almost like a Baidarka. Pretty cool. I like the look.

Looking forward to further progress and hearing more about its performance.

Now, about that name... ;)


Boat looks good!
And how about the foiled skeg and rudder designs and gas pedal ruddrs Pat Has almost bought to fruition?! Might be better than what is on offer now.

Cool Boat
Mmm… let me in that mermaid.

Mmm… nice fit in the mermaid.

Mmm… warm and wet inside the mermaid.

Yeah, that name is…

Didn’t Disney do a movie about a mermaid?

You… You…
okay, Kudzu, you need to go out and swing that paddle to get rid of that excess energy. :wink:


Nice looking kayak!
Looks like it would fit me well!

I like the name!
and I’ve been watching Pat’s site, too. It does look like a nice boat. And since I missed out on an Elan…and since I DESERVE something nice for my upcoming birthday and (Glory Hallujah!!)RETIREMENT…maybe…maybe…

Looks like a great boat, but the name would appeal to women and children and be unappealing to most men… in my opinion.

small paddles

Just saw this. The back ribs don’t look great for sculling, but it sounds like a step up from a typical kid’s paddle.