Small Shaft diameter paddle for a woman

I am looking for a small diameter shaft paddle for my mom for christmas. I have a Seven2 Iso paddle that she loves but these paddles are no longer made.

My mom is an occasional flatwater paddler so I am not looking for an expensive paddle, around $100-$150 is the price range.

Can someone give me some advice on which paddles to look for?

Makes several small shafted double blade sticks

I was going to recommend this paddle, which I bought last summer (with regular shaft) for a very good price:

Ergo Tour T4E Glass Small Shaft

But it seems to be discontinued. If you can find one in old stock somewhere, it is a nice bent-shaft paddle in your price range.


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Aquabound makes small shaft paddles as well. The Stingray with the carbon fiber shaft and white fiberglass reinforced blades is right in her price range, around $140 or so. I have one - great paddle for the price.

Is she also small in general?
If so, a kid’s paddle might work for her. They are made with smaller-diameter shafts and smaller blades, as well as shorter lengths. Check Werner’s offerings for details.
has the AT Ergo T4 small-shaft paddle in 215 or 230cm … very nice paddle, worth the extra $20 over your target price.

Werner Skagit is a more basic paddle in your price range. Werner Cascadia (now called Skagit CF) is also available in small shaft, one of the lightest paddles you can get without paying twice as much.

except they’re heavy

Please consider
as well … Our custom small shafts are a more realistic choice than the one size fits all giants sizes… A N D we have been offering them to folks L O N G before it was marketably trendy to do so.

Thank you.

AT also makes small diameter paddle shafts.

Bill H.

But the OP doesn’t want to pay the price
of a good paddle, or I would have immediately suggested a ONNO, and if you start selling them for that price, I’ll take a dozen.

Jack L

Aquabond, pretty light

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Eagle Ray Hybrid (low angle, slender blade). Just found some for $130 on a google search.

32 ounces

Last I knew the hybrid series came with a small shaft option.

Blade shape
Celia, Eagle Ray is another appropriate paddle in her price range, but the reason I suggested the Stingray is that the blade shape is more like the one the OP’s mother prefers.

OK - they have the Stingray too
I missed the blade shape part.

for all of the suggestions.

She is small
She is a petite woman so a kid’s paddle might work great for her. I had not thought about that. Thanks.

Price of a good paddle
It is not that I don’t want to pay the price of a good paddle, I just know the whens, wheres, and how much it will be utilized. To me there is no sense in buying something that the end user will not utilize to its full potential.

I am short with small hands
but the small shaft Aquabound carbon Stingray which is a perfect choice of paddle price wise - was not comfortable for me. My hands are quite small but I still prefer the standard shaft of the Aquabound. The smaller shaft takes more effort to try to wrap around somehow causing more strain. You may wish to let her try both if possible. The Stingray blade is i believe their smallest in that category - Manta Ray and Eagle Ray are slightly larger blades which I dont care for as much.

Now Werner reg shafts are way too big for me so if a Werner - go small shaft. (They sell a Little Dipper but more $$)

werner and swift
I believe the standard shaft on a Swift paddle is an increment smaller than the typical standard.

Make a Greenland paddle.

I’ve carved a small one for my daughter.

Very light to!

That was my first thought, as well. This will stir up some discussion! I started my then 11 year old grandson with one a year ago.