small suv canoe hauler in the wind

I am considering a small suv but fear it will be a bitch in the wind with a canoe on top. What is your experience.

Agree with jackl
I drive a chevy tracker ( used to be geo’s) with a 17’ canoe on top. I don’t even have a real canoe rack, just 5 foot 2x6s tied to the rails. The only time I really feel the wind is when near semi’s. I dove it from Richmond VA to the raystown rendezvous in PA without a problem.

you’ll be fine.
My wife’s rogue works fine for long trips with boat. My truck gets blown around just as much.

Agree with jack. Get a solid rack.

Ryan L.

No problem with Subaru Forester

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I had a 1999 Forester and now have a 2010 Subaru Forester and have had no problems hauling even two solo canoes on them. I use a Yakima rack with good cam straps, gunwale brackets, and bow and stern tie downs. No problem in 60 mph head and tail winds in South Dakota, nor in 40 mph cross winds in Iowa.

As mentioned, at interstate speeds of 70 to 70+ you want to have a firm grip on the steering wheel when behind 18 wheelers, and when passing them or they are passing you.

I have found less turbulence if I stay back from 18 wheelers, or getting in the left lane very early when passing them on the interstate.

Also, don't waste much time when passing 18 wheelers. Pass them as quickly as possible no matter what the speed limit. After you get in front of them then go back to the speed limit or your regular driving speed.

go drive them on a windy day
The canoe on top isn’t going to make or break your decision as much as the profile of the vehicle.

This is why I used to like the subaru legacy/outback - low side profile (ok, my drum is wearing out!).

I found our Outback acceptable, but
less steady in crosswinds, carrying a 17 foot canoe, that our Accords.

Foresters and good solid racks
with gunwale brackets and

no problem going Maine to Florida or Maine to Louisiana or Maine to Manitoba.

The gunwale brackets not only stop lateral slide but also fore and aft as canoes gunwale width dimensions always change. The boat really cannot move unless the straps/ropes loosen and it jumps the stops.

want to drive at 68 ? drive 65, wait for a 68 mph truck then tuck in.

wind 2
uh, I was using foam blocks under a Solstice Titan atop a Ford E250. More drag than a clear roofline but n]o big deal. The blocks are durable. Double lines bow and stern with side lines wrapped around then attached to truck rain gutter with small eyelet bolts. A small tornado gives but an erk erk from sideways moving blocks: very stable rig.

Then I bought a Rendezvous in at Austin, mounted Quick and Easy brackets with Solstice and Rendezvous to San Juan Island. A 300 rpm increase at 60-65 with a 5.4 SOHC OD.

I want to add a front half Rendezvous bottom paneling from bow thwart to forward thwart: coupla screws and a safety rope or two.

Gunwale brackets a MUST
Many years of experience hauling canoes thousands of miles all over the country and my best advice is GUNWALE BRACKETS coupled with a good Yakima or Thule rack. Its the only way to go!