Small syringe for 3M 5200 or Adhesives

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On a brand new boat I discovered that the front day hatch was leaking. I am comfortable doing repairs myself and didn't want to go to the hassle of returning it to a new dealer as that manufacturer had moved their line to another shop since I purchased it plus whatever boating time I would be loosing. After several calls to the manufacturer it was determined that the best approach was to re-seal with 3M 5200 (They supplied it) along the contact point where the hatch rim sits in the recessed fiberglass hole that was molded for it. If you haven't worked with 3M 5200 it is messy. The plan was to put some of it in a small syringe and apply it with that. Where I live there are a number of people with animals small and large so a nearby Hardware Store caters to their needs as well and it was there that the store owner suggested I use a syringe used for animals. It cost a buck and layed out a very small and manageable bead after the needle was unscrewed from it so I would recommend it as a very inexpensive and purposeful tool for small and more delicate applications of sealant and adhesives if there is somebody near you catering to animal owners.

A good syringe can also be bought at some paint and wallpaper stores. It is sold as a “paste syringe”, used to inject paste behind loose wallpaper. I use them with epoxy and if cleaned with vinigar before the epoxy kicks off, can used many times.


vets carry 'em
veterinarian’s always have a good supply. The one I frequent has 3 sizes,$1, $2 and the biggie is $4. Perfect for epoxy batches, etc.


Boatbuilding Supply Stores
always have syringes intended for use with epoxy/sealant. You don’t have to pay extra for the needle: about $.99 - $1.89 depending on where you live.

On the other hand…
I’ve used 3M 5200 a lot for sealing bulkheads. I’ve found that the best way to apply it is to lay a bead and then smooth it with your finger. Feather it out so there are no abrupt edges. Even a small edge will catch & separate eventually. Mineral spirits work best for cleanup.

yep, my experience also, works better that way. The stuff is made to not shrink, even enlarge as sets and dries so this is the way to go.

Looking for this solvent.
Looks as if this is what has been recommended for job I have. Where can it be purchased?

Thanks to all for the suggestions on syringes and clean up.

I’ll store them in my file.


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Empty syringes you are looking for would be anything similar to these.

For solvents, Mineral thinner (paint department) or acetone will work. Both can be found at places like Home Depot or a good hardware store.

Wear latex or similar gloves which also can be found at Home Depots or a good hardware store..