Small tandem canoe/kayak

New to the forum and like it.
Shopping for a short, light weight canoe or kayak that I can take on my boat.
Need 14 feet or shorter, and need light weight, prefer less than 50#.
If kayak, want sit ON. Need a stable platform. The GF doesn’t swim well.
Don’t need high performance, goal is to get out on the water when anchored and get some exercise.

Have you rented any tandem canoes or kayaks to try? They don’t call then “divorce boats” for nothing.
Finding an under 50lb tandem might be a challenge, the Perception Tribe Tandem is nice, but its like 80lb and they also offer the Cove which is a sit in with a huge keyhole is 70 lbs. You may have to do some searching. There are some nice tandem inflatables that might do the trick too.

I was thinking that a tandem inflatable might be the best option also. “Light weight” and SOT tandem" are pretty much mutually exclusive. Ocean Kayak Malibu II at 63 lb is about as light as you’ll find for a rotomolded SOT - I wouldn’t suggest storing a thermoform kayak on another boat.

And yes, test paddling a tandem would be a very good idea! Getting one that can be adequately paddled as a single is also a nice feature.

Sea Eagle makes a number of inflatable tandems… no experience myself, but they fit the criteria, plus or minus.

Yes, I’m quite experienced with tandem kayaks, love them, and currently have a Hobie Oasis. It’s just to heavy to take on my trawler, at ~80 lbs. I took it on a Great Loop trip in 2018 and had a hoist to lower it into the water but still a pain. To make it work, really need one in the 50lb range.

Yes, the inflatables are high on the list. Thanks.

GF doesn’t swim well & you want to put her in a small kayak or inflatable ??? Something is wrong with this picture.

There is a pretty informative string discussing various inflatables on this forum. A tandem 13-14ft inflatable would be a good choice, lightweight and low center of gravity to keep GF out of the water.

How about an OT Guide 147? Heavier end of the scale at about 75Lbs but stable, tandem and you could convert to solo when needed and still be manageable.

Point65 kayaks of Sweden. Assembled it’d be more than 50# but in its modular sections, probably 25# ea. Stowability and ability to configure for solo/tandem use might be real strengths in your situation.

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All good ideas, thx. However 50# is my max. Much over that and I’d just use my Hobie which is a great kayak. Just too heavy.

Who said GF doesn’t swim. She’s a certified scuba diver.

You did in your first post. You wrote GF doesn’t swim well.

13’, 41 pounds:

Thanks, good choice. Unless I find something better, that one really looks good. I prefer a non inflatable one, but hard to match the weight specs. Thx.

Yes, she doesn’t swim well, but she does swim. And she’s had about 2000 days on the water in the past 20 years kayaking, not like she’s inexperienced. She always has a life jacket on the kayak. And, this is for calm water exercise and exploring. No whitewater, maybe…

The site I linked says they are getting some in stock this week so probably best not to delay ordering if you decide you want one of those. A lot of inflatables have been" unobtainium" this year… My friends who run a kayak outfitter shop say most decent brands of boats are back ordered and when they come in they sell out fast.