small touring

I just moved from the country to Austin Tx and had to get rid of my 12 ft SIS perception due to available space. What I am looking for is a 8 to 9 foot SIS or SOT kayak that has the same performance as a 12 foot touring yak. Is there such a thing???

2’-3’ shorter is too much difference in length to make paddling the same. Even if the load capacity is the same the smaller yak ill paddle like a dog in comparison.

Heck I’ve got a friend that keeps his 15 foot skin on frame built in my class in his living room in his 2nd. floor apartment in Chicago. Has to be lowered out a window and back in after use.

There are also folding kayaks, even plans to build your own as well as 2 piece or 3 piece kayaks. If you want to paddle and are willing, there’s always a way.

Bill H.

Advance elements fusion
Inflatable/folder Hybrid that may suit your needs. I have yet to paddle one, but it sure looks good. Rei and carry them.

Never would have believed i’d be saying this, but the Hurricane Aquasports Phoenix 120 SOT is 11’3" in actual length and in it I can easily keep up & blast past any 9-12 foot rec boat. Out on rivers w. all kinds of boats 8-14 feet and never had to work at all to keep pace. That little SOT really zips

It’s fun on rivers & lakes. can’t wait to surf it in Lake Michigan. I’m getting thigh braces for that and to take it even further on edge.

the littlest of the Phoenix line up responds very well

to edging, bow & stern rudders. It pivots 180 degrees w. one good sweep. tho 28" wide it sure doesn’t cut the water like it, and tracks extremely well w. abarely perceptible bow nosing.

At 38 lbs I love this little “slab” It’s gonna be big fun this summer. In late spring I wore a wetsuit and would again in fall.

If you fit in one (5’9" puts feet in the furthest foot wells, altho the new 2010 model now sports rails and pegs like it’s bigger siblings) and are proportionate weight you might like to try one. The next size up is the Phoenix 130 listed at 13 feet.

Epic made some
Epic used to make some 12 foot SOTs that are very nice – but they are seldom for sale…


pyranha Fusion
damn, I keep repeating myself about this boat but it is the most amazing kayak I’ve paddled this season. Pyranha has truly re-energized the whole concept of the hybrid boat.

Check it out.

for flatwater, ww and/or surfing…

Standard size is 10’2" 26" beam

Small version 9’8" 25" beam

Light, quick on flat water, agile anywhere.

One super dry stern hatch for weekends/overnights.

Optional “pod” clips on and acts as a front day hatch.

Drop down skeg. Skeg retracts automatically if you bottom out. EAsy to fix rope operatied skeg.

sturdy rescue handles and a decent amount of bungees

for such a small boat

not a barge in looks nor performance.

no float bags nor foam pillars needed.

GREAT cockpit connection w. adjustable thigh braces and a real backband on the Connect 30 version.

It’s a true hybrid. Get the Connect 30 outfitting you’re good to do mild to wild whitewater. Get the River Tour you can do rivers w. Class I or II.

I paddled an S w. Connect 30 & loved it. There are also a few owner reviews here on pnet.

You can also try check out the other newer hybrid, the Liquid Logic XP 10 or the newest one, the smaller XP 9.

To be fair, I haven’t had an EX on the water but the outfitting on the Pyranha felt great and, for me, blew away the XP. Also, the Pyranha hull is more narrow, even the XP9 felt like a barrel in comparision. Narrower means a little less stability - not that I cared - and more speed.

Thoroughly cool boat, tops on my wish list. LOL

Remix XP vs Approach vs Fusion
Here’s a link to review comparing the three:

Some other nice options

thanks Yanoer
that’s a good no BS review from different people of different sizes and skill levels using the boats. More reviews s/be like that!

As far as the smaller Fusion w. the Connect 30 (ww) outfitting, their far more comprehensive paddling confirms what I felt.

I think it is also fair to note that without the true ww stiffener in the bow, these hybrids are not really for serious ww where big impacts is possible, so I should temper my statements some about that.

I know someone w. the Pyranha TGMaster & it too is a unique boat, very hard to find in the U.S. but definitely worth a try. It doesn’t paddle as straight on flat water as the newer hybrids, but with a strong paddler it will move along pretty good.

Thanks everyone for the advice I started to look at all the the options that was offered and looked into Pakboats Puffin