Smaller Compass

I have a deck bag that I like to keep in front of me on my kayak. There are times when I’m paddling at night and/or in heavy fog and have need of a compass. The one that I have is a large compass that attaches with bungie cords to the front deck but the deck bag precludes using it. I’ve tried putting the compass on top of the bag but I can’t see it well if I do that. I know that I could use a hand held compass but I’d prefer to have both hands available for other things. Does anyone make a quality deck mounted compass that is small but yet lights up so that it can be seen? If so, I have room to mount it just behind the deck bag where I can see it. The large compass I have is just too big to mount there. Suggestions?

Go on to the next step in technology and get a GPS unit. Press a button for backlighting.

Should be something here

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see marine section, there's a small orange one that's inexpensive

This one says it's illuminated:

there's a p-net discount at this vendor. Don't know if this is much smaller than what you already have, though.

I agree with GPS - if you’re paddling in fog, the compass won’t tell you if you drift but the GPS will. I would (and do) carry a “real” compass as well.