Smallest Betsie Bay Yet

Got a head’s up on this one:

Thumbs up to BBK from smaller kayakers and Greenland type paddlers.


when my daughter learned how to roll a Pygmy golden eye 13,while loose and floppy in it,I had finished CLCNorthbay and was paddling it around. It became obvious that you could make a very skinny kayak for 100lb people, I was thinking something in the 15’x19" range,this is good to see Betsy Bay coming through with a small kayak.

What a beautiful boat! I hope Betsie and Al bring one to the GKLKS. Wish I could see Patrick’s Mermaid, too. I would imagine Impex’s Cat 3 is higher volume. But I’m looking forward to demoing it.

Someone is getting it! I’m just five pounds under that (in the morning), and the 20 inch beam sounds fabulous.

About their paddles?
I’m am getting smitten with the Greenland paddle thing. Anyone can talk about their Greenland paddles?

While I am here, what about their outfitting on thigh braces?

pinch me, I must be dreaming
–a thing of beauty! I get up that way a lot, maybe arrange a demo. Woo-hoo!!

Get a custom sized GP

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BBs are one size fits all - and the models are sized by boat beam - not to the paddler. I'm prett sure BB's are long loomed, made for an interpretation of Greenland paddling where you hand is completely on the loom. I prefer thumb/forefinger around loom and rest of hand on blade roots.

I'm sure the craftsmanship is top notch - just pointing out the sizing and loom /grip differences as the makers who do them long loomed (not just BB) don't point out why. BB does give reasoning for thier overall universal sizing, but after trying different size GPs and swaping with different size (gender) paddlers I don't agree with it. Custom anthropometric sizing does make a difference - a big difference. Obviously the impact of a one size fits all approach could be a proportionally larger issue for proportionally smaller paddlers.

I'm 5'9 and my paddle is 88" with a 21" loom. My Girlfriend's 5'3" and her Beale GP is 82" with a 17" loom. Her blades are also a little narrower. Her other GP is 80" with about a 15" loom - even narrower blades. Both work well for her (are withing common sizing guidelines) - mine is way too big for her. IMO - A GP that is not fit to the paddler can miss out on what's so good about GPs. There is a good bit of variation within what's "good".

Insert universally good plug for Don Beale's paddles here. I love my superior carbon - but sizes are limited on them and price would get you 2 Beale's.

Got tools?

I’ve paddled the idun
it is a really nice kayak. I think I am personally a little too big for it. I weigh 165-168. It seemed sort of sluggish. But because I am so short, I can fit.

It would be a terrific kayak for a smaller person.

I love al’s kayaks, but I would ask for regular deck lines and rescue lines above the sheer, if you are a “sea kayaker”.

If you lagoon paddle, get it stock because he is using “quarter sawn” plywood for the deck which makes these really brilliant dark swirls in the grain.

You almost, almost feel bad paddling a kayak that beautiful.