Smallmouth Bass

Hey guys…

Anyone fish for smallmouth bass out of a canoe or kayak?

I plan to do lots of smallie fishing this year in NC and VA, on the New and James rivers.

Seeking camping and fishing friends… anyone interested?


R-man…you’re in luck
See the following website:

You’ll find more Kayak fisherman chasing smallies in Va and the mid-Atlantic than you can shake a ST Croix med-light fast-tip rod at.

Including me, Big D, Dirty Ed, Al A, among others who show up here at P-net, you’ll find many of us in VA who ply the waters of the New and the James. As luck would have it, we’re planning a gathering down near natural bridge in April on the James. See the “hookin’ up” forum and the “Capn’ Jack Memorial Rodeo” threads. Dive in, get involved, grow a thick skin (we tends to harass each other a bit…all in good fun) and maybe we’ll see ya in April.

You’re in good company
Lots of paddling fishermen looking for smallies on the New and the James. It’s good water, take care of it while you’re out there.

Follow Br’er Rat’s advice. Hope to see you on the water soon. The New is about my favorite place in the world to be. If you stop to take a deep breath, I swear you can feel the power of the river dating back through the eons. Then you got a smallie and it’s time to hold on!

  • Big D

I’ve known about for years…

I was looking for guys from this forum who want to fish also.

I know where to catch 'em on the New River!


Ok, you guys are getting me fired up talking about the river like that. Is the smallmouth fishing pretty good? What time of year is best? I live in SC. Where do you guys put in for a fishing trip? Is it pretty easy paddling or are there lots of rapids?

Catch (and release) all the smallmouths you want on the trips we take on the New River in NC/VA. The James river is good fishing too.

The floats we do are easy paddling with no class-III whitewater.

The best months are April thru October… did I say the fishing is good?

Join us anytime…

Smallmouth are more likely to be found
in the Upstate in SC, maybe Jocassee. There’s good largemouth, maybe spotted bass fishing (they do have spotted bass in SC, don’t they) in the river system that runs through Columbia, forgot the name, moved away from the Upstate 8 years ago. Actually, most of the river systems in SC should be good bass fisheries, but are underutilized.

I don’t about SC
River dwelling smallmouth in general are a cool water fish. They can cohabit rivers with largemouth, but are just as likely to be in trout water. They like oxegenated water, so if you fish for smallies in rivers, you’re going to see some riffles but you don’t have to go for them in class III. I have taken smallies with the water splashing over the combing of my kayak in the middle of a class II rapid.

They fight hard for their size, they are acrobats and jump often, and they are relatively easy to catch.

As far as time of year, any time of year that the water is moving is OK, but I tend to prefer warmer water - once the spawn is over in late April to mid-May. Fall is another favorite time. Those just happen to be my favorite times to be on the river, and so it may be that I only like it best rather than it actually being the best time to fish for them.

  • Big D

Smallmouth in Montana !
If you ever find yourself in western Montana in the summertime, you might want to try the new smallie fishery on the lower Flathead river .

You may have the whole river to yourself and the keep limit is five fish. The required reservation permit is not expensive. Lots of fish and no people !