Smart trac foot pedals

Is it common for the Smart trac foot pedal system to wear out and become hard to operate with ones foot. I tested a used CD Freedom and even after cleaning could not control the rudder using my toes. I had to use the ball of each foot to get rudder movement. Replace the foot pedals seems the logical choice right?

You said you cleaned them, but
did you take them apart and lubricate them or did you try to adjust them ?

There are two ways to adjust them. One is with the little knob at the end of the housing closest to the cockpit, and the other is from the rudder end.

The little knob is notorious for freezing up, but that still shouldn’t cause the toe pedal to not move unless they might have been at their limit of adjustment.

If the knob is frozen and you want to adjust them, let me know and I’ll walk you through the process.


smart trac foot pedals
We did take them completely apart and clean each piece and dry lube the pivots. The toe plates simply require more force to move than toes can provide. It took the ball of my foot to move them so I bet they are just worn from too much use.

smart track
My open water boat was outfitted with a smart track back in 05, never had any issues, 12 years of heavy use.


I Just don’t like them
I just don’t like the smart track in my Squall GTS. I also have to move my foot to use the balls of my feet in order to move the rudder making it almost useless to hold in position for any period of time. I have seen that other people don’t like it in that boat in many reviews as well. At the moment I just use it like a skeg if I need to, but I think if you move the peddles down about two inches in the boat they will angle differently and work better. That will be a summer project though.

The Smart Tracks could have been
sooo much better. Same story with the other brand as well. Ergonomics just not there. If you can, you might try adjusting the banana part back towards you a bit more … If you can get the screw to turn without breaking.

For your next set please consideror Gas Pedal Systems. These are night and day better than what comes stock.

Thank you.