Smart Track rudder/broken ss cable

So my Smart Track system on my QCC 700 was working fine, then went to use it yesterday and found the ss cable (1/16") for the left toe peddle had rusted through, broken, and had pulled up into the black plastic sheath. Removed the ss cable from the rudder end, unscrewed the brace and peddle assembly. But the anchor for the cable on the aluminum bracket is a plastic knurled knob, and it is stuck-do not want to break it off.

Any suggestions on where to get a replacement 1/16" ss cable (need 12’) and a cable clamp to join the old cable to the new cable? (then I do not have to try turning the plastic knurled screw).



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If it's just a length of cable, I would probably appeal to QCC first. They may suggest a better fix as well - hearing a cable clamp clank around the inside of my cockpit might drive me nuts after a while.

You have to take that black plastic
housing apart.

that little anchor that is in the end of the knurled screw, is not attached to the knurled screw, but it is attached to the cable.

As you are looking at the end of the knurled screw, you have to push the cable toward you from the plastic housing side, and that little anchor should come out toward you with the cable attached to it.

Call Steve at QCC and see if you can get a new cable from him. It comes with the anchor attached.

I hate the sealine riudder system. Each side has a total of thirteen parts.

I also know it intimately, since I have changed many of them out and repaired many.

I keep a supply of all the parts on hand and usually have to change a cable out on either mine or my wifes every thousand miles.

Goopd luck,

Jack L

I had the same problem
The prior post was right, the cable will slide out of the adjusting screw.

If you want to fix it; I contacted the manufacturers of the rudder. Are they still in business? I’m not home so I don’t have any contact info.

Anyway I got a couple new screws from them. Also on my two boats the left side was the only one that was tight a friend had a tap the right size, I think 5/16" but don’t remember the thread. Once tapped out a it worked fine.

You could try a little WD-40 to get the existing screw out but wash the residue off the plastic with soapy water.

Hope this helps


Cable Replacement.
The SmartTrack cable replacement easy. Remove the two through hull screws holding the toe pilot assembly. Inspect the assembly for wear. If it looks alright order a cable set for $19 from Set the assembly with the stuck screw pointing up. Generously lubricate the thread with 303 so gravity will pull the 303 into the assembly. If you use WD-20 please stop and return to the shallow end of the gene pool. Spray some 303 in the broken cockpit cable tube. Let it sit over night. Gently work the screw with your fingers to free it up. If not spray again and let it sit for a few days. You will need to follow the instructions Tom gives you. You need to remove both track end caps in order. Remove the cable from the assembly. Thread the new cable in the toe pilot assembly. Screw on the end caps. Remove the remaining piece of cable from the rudder assembly. Be nice to the cotter pin because you will reuse it. Run the cable through the cable tube. Insert the hull screws with a little 5200 and screw in the toe pilot assembly. Connect the cable to the rudder assembly. You can take it to your local kayak shop and have them do it correctly.


The more of this I read, the more I think I will replace the Toe Pilot with Sea Dog braces if (when) anything goes wrong with it.


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Well the screws that hold the plastic caps onto the end of the aluminum brace were seized, so was the plastic adjuster screw. Ended up going to ACE hardware and had them crimp on a cable, was the only thing to do without risking breaking/stripping something. The crimp was really small, do not see it getting in the way.

All is fixed for $9!

Here is the distributor for Smart trac. These people are very helpful.


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