Smart Track Rudder Onno Foot Board

Has anyone installed the Onno gas pedal system on a smart track rudder? I am very interested in the approach you may have used to secure the rudder cables to retain the flexibility to adjust the gas pedal for different paddlers using the boat. I am also considering replacing the rails with the yakima to use the flat surface to secure the foot brace as an alternative to the curved surface of the smart track foot brace.

Have you seen a surf ski steering?
I have not seen an Onno foot pedal system in person, but you can set it up like a many surf skis do. Three holes on each pedal and the cable goes behind the pedals. Slide back and forth the pedals with no need to adnjst the cable length.

Pics available
I took some pics of the Onno gas pedal and cable splice in my Epic 18. Not real high-tech, but it has worked for many years. I don’t share my boat much, so the adjustment doesn’t get much use. Let me know if the link doesn’t work, I’m a bit Flickr-challenged.

That’s one way to do the adjustment
Similar was used in my Rapier 18, with simple buckle and strap on each side compensating for pedal movement back and forth.

But, the way I suggested (with the three holes) has the advantage that no adjustment is necessary - simply slide the pedals to where needed on the rails. Works well with dynema and similar rudder lines. Not sure if it works as well with stainless steel due to less flexibility in the line (might need a setup with some sort of clamp on the pedals to avoid deforming the line or slippage.