Smart Track Rudder Sticks, how to fix?

Hello, Currently I am paddling a 20’ Necky Loooksha II with a Smart Track Rudder. Recently the rudder has been sticking and this is causing difficulty in using the rudder. I typically launch with the rudder up, get out into deeper water and lower the rudder with the rudder release line at the side of the boat. But, the rudder is sticking. Even after disassembling the rudder and cleaning it thoroughly, I cannot solve the problem. The rudder will release only when I go to the back of the boat and manually pull it down more than 1/2 way. Does anyone have any advice about fixing the problem? Any help would be appreciated.

You can increase spring tension
pull the safety pin out of the rudder pivot. I’d say go ahead and pull the pivot pin out remove the rudder and make sure everything is clean. When you replace the rudder make sure the spring goes into the slot in the center of the pivot pin. As you insert the pivot pin stop just before the 1/8" pins engage the holes in the rudder housing. Turn the pivot pin clockwise (I think) to increase tension on the spring then push the 1/8" pins into the holes. Try the rudder if it doesn’t work increase spring tension more by backing out the pivot pin and turning further. Replace the safety pin when done.

Good Luck


Knot in rudder
Make sure the knot that is made at the end of the line and then inserted into the slot in the rudder blade isn’t extending out beyond the edges of the blade surface and sticking to the housing. Good Luck