smartrack rudder

I have a Qcc400x with a smartrack rudder there is a 5in pin that goes through the rudder and the brackett. I just had mine drop out as I was headed back home today. Is there a good way to keep this from happening.

rudder pin
Hmm. I had that happen a couple weeks also.

I just went to Home Depot, and got a threaded

rod with some washers and lock nuts. That seems

to do the trick. Never did get on the water, though,

the wind never dropped below 25 kts.

. Greg

That sound like a great idea! Off to Home Depot tommorrow after I get out of work.

Thanks for the tip


on a SmartTrack system that I purchased to retrofit a boat indicate that you should put a slight bend in the pin, that will keep it from slipping out.