SmartTrack and Onno Footbar

Anyone know if the Onno foot bar/plate will work with the SmartTrack adjustable foot peg system? Anyone installed one in one of the Tiderace kayaks? Am thinking of it as an alternative to foaming out the bulkhead in a Tiderace XPlore M…Thanks.

I had an Onno…
…foot brace on my Necky Chatham 18. It seemed to work well. I’m not sure if the foot pegs on the Chatham 18 were the Smart Track but they were adjustable.

I still have the Onno Foot brace for sale in your interested.

why selling?

I recently put one in my Capella
It didn’t work out to be adjustable for me. There was a 3" difference in width between the front and the back of the rails (The width of the kayak tapers that much between the point the rails begin and the point the rails end inside of the hull.) I did put in some hardware to have the rails parallel, but the front rails sticking in an inch and a half from each side from the sides of the kayak seemed a little extreme, like something that would rip my pant legs and/or skin trying to get in in a rescue situation. I imagine the tapering of width must be much less in some situations, and I could cut my rails and drill new holes in the hull or some such thing to lessen that difference in width - but that starts to become a lot of fuss. Anyway, when I got them parallel so that everything was the same distance front to back, the plate that I received was too wide to fit between the two rails. So I just put the rails back against the sides, adjusted the pegs for me, and attached the foot plate as a non-adjustable item.

I have to say that it is really nice having that in there instead of just the Yakima foot pegs.

I imagine with some wide fender washers you may be able to snug the foot plate up against your current foot pegs. It’s simply a flat plate. So if you think you could snug, say, a cutting board against them, you should be able to make a foot plate work.

The narrowest distance between rails has to be the distance along the entire length of the rails for it to remain adjustable. So measure that, figure if it makes sense to make that adjustment at the wider point with the rails, and then see if his foot plate will be the right length to bridge that gap. If it’s non-adjustable like mine, you probably don’t gain much advantage over foaming it out, but it’s still nice compared to pegs.

why selling?
I ended up selling the Chatham 18 in order to buy a surfski and have not looked back. I removed the Onno Footbrace in case I may need to use it again or sell it in the future.