SmartTrack brace pads

Have the SmartTrack system and the only problem I have is on long paddles I need to move my foot’s position regularly in order to keep it from going numb “at the point where it makes contact with the foot brace”. Move my foot’s position “slightly” and the local numbness quickly goes away.

Was thinking of glueing some micell foam to make the foot brace contact are larger, but any other suggestions are welcome.

People grind the braces flatter
I really don’t think much of that part of the original design, The convex curve minmizes the area in contact with the foot, and concentrates force. I only concentrate force when I want to damage things. otherwise I apply it over the largesr workable area.

Talking about the Toe Pilots?
Right? Have you tried adjusting the overall cable length to change the angle of the Toe Pilots? A rather involved project, but it might relieve some munbness. I have found that I prefer mine to be rather vertical so that there is pressure against my toes when in the neutral position.


Jsaults… do you have the adjustment
screws backed out all the way already ?


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not the toe pilots, the foot brace, the part that is "not" used to adjust the rudder, but is used to brace the body using the foot.

maybe grind the the brace flat
and work something with a kayak sport pedal.

Or grind it flat at at15 degree angle and put in a marine plywood panel with glass and epoxy over it to make a great bracing surface. Start playing, you will find a way

also thinking of bolting on a peice of sheet aluminum since that would not increase the thinkness too much, but will have to grind down the brace first. Guess I will see how the ground down foot brace feels first.

Nope. I sized the cable withthe toe pilots reasonably vertical and the adjusting barrel about midway out. Then I fiddled from there.


How about
contact cementing some dense/soft foam onto the toe pilot AND foot brace? That way I will not change their position relative to each other.