SmartTrack Toe Pilot Spring

I just installed two new cables on my SmartTrack rudder. At the toe control there are 2 “toe pilot springs” on each side. I replaced the springs on one side, but during my first paddle with the new installation both these popped out after about an hour of paddling. The rudder seemed to work fine without these springs.

Does anyone know what these springs are for, or why they would pop out? Jackl?

I plan to call QCC tomorrow.

They are to keep the tension on the
toe pedal.

They should not have popped out.

If you hold one of the springs in your hand with the curved part at the bottom, the longer side goes up against the moveable toe pedal. The shorter side has a tiny tab at the top, and that goes into a tiny slot on the back side of the larger fixed foot pedal and that is what holds the spring in place.

Just another reason to hate the dam things!

jack L

That is
how I understood it, and how I think I installed it. I guess I will have to remove the front assembly again and try another time. I should have just left the original springs in place.

I feel for you !
I made the mistake of taking them out once also.

Just think how lucky you are. Pretty soon you can write the manual.

Jack L

Maybe if you gave me the proper cuss words to use during the installation it would be easier.

Have you seen this video of the ‘quick and easy’ process?

Man, is that brand new ?
It sure isn’t any like I have worked on.

That track looks a lot simpler, but On the ones that I have worked on and have sitting here in my very large rudder box, the spring clips don’t have to be removed to replace the cable.

Jack L