SmartTrak cable slipping

So I replaced the cable on my SmartTrak and after getting the toe peddle adjusted right I took it out, but after a few turns the cable pulled out of the “clamp” in the assembly next to the rudder. Thinking of putting a crimp on the cable to prevent the cable from being pulled out but any other ideas? The other original cable is fine, maybe I need to clean the new cable to get rid of some oil on it?

Adding a cable clamp would work but seems like overkill to me

I have never had that problem on my QCC. Try to reinstall it and make sure that the cable and the cam seats well. Do you have a couple of inches of excess cable running out of the fitting?

Take it apart again and
when you put it back together make sure you pull that little “wedgie” thingie back tight,

If it is all installed correctly, it should not slip.

Jack L

the cam is held in place by a cotter pin, so it was as tight as it can be. Had ~4 inches of cable coming out of the cam, and lucky I did , because 3 inches pulled through the cam.

two things
One, Smarttrack’s rudder cable is slightly larger diameter than normal rudder cable. I’ve seen some with a plastic coating over the cable. The extra diameter helps it stick in the wedgie.

Second, Smarttrack re-tooled the Wedgie. I don’t remember which is which, one has a slot half way down the length, the other has a slot the full length of the Wedgie. The redesign was to combat slipping. You have plenty of adjustment at the peddles, I would just crimp the line and be done with it.

Yes, but…
prior to putting the cotter pin in, you have to push the wedgie tight against the cable, and the with your other fingers pull the cable to make it bite into the cable. Then while you are holding everything in place you put the cotter pin in.

jack L

That may be the issue, and the original cable was not coated.

The problem I will still have is that the plastic knurled adjuster screw at the foot peddle is seized (and have never used it). So once I crimp the cable where it exits the wedgie I am stuck with the position of the toe pilot.

see if this works

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So I cleaned the ss cable, and then sanded it with 660 wet/dry sand paper, still felt smooth, then sanded the full length groove on the wedgie. Put the cable in and then looped the cable, hit on the end of the wedgie and then ran the cable through the cotter pin and looped it into a knot and anchored the end with majic tape. When working the peddle hard with my hand the cable was holding. Will see on the waves. But once it gets some salt water on it it will rust a little and that will hold it in good, then I can undo the cable knot.