SmartTrek equiped boats

I’ve been concentrated on testing skegged boats because I prefer the solid footpeg infinitely more than the mushy sliding rudder controls. Not that I’m against rudders, just the mushy footpegs. But that requirement really limits my search to mostly high end boats that cost $$$…

I’ve heard a lot of good praises about the SmartTrek rudder control system. But my one and only experience with a boat fitted withe that was too big and I couldn’t really “test” it fairly. I would like to test the system in a medium or small volume boat. Anyone know any such models?

Visit your local dealer
Many used boats have had this system installed as an aftermarket item. Before I purchased my Smarttrac I tried it out on a number of used boats that my local dealer had for sale.

Smart Track rudder
I had the Smart Track rudder system installed on my Necky Tahsis when I bought it for exactly the reason you mentioned, I hated the mushiness of the standard rudder foot pegs. I haven’t been disappointed. The Smart Track seems to be the best of both worlds.

I am new to kayaking so forgive me if I am not giving you information on the exact skeg you are looking for. But, I have looked at a couple smaller yaks with skegs:

  • Dagger Carolina 14’ with skeg (cheapest)
  • Impex Mystic 14’ with skeg (about $2,000)

    Hope this helps!