Smiles Per Mile

I really like that expression that I saw in a recent thread…so am curious, which yaks do you believe would give the biggest SPMs for the average yaker?

I’m not a kayaker but I can answer this
The kayak (or canoe) that has to bring the most smiles per mile is one that you long thought about, studied, planned, selected and ultimately built from scratch to fit you and your own paddling environment.

maybe when I’m retired …

It ain’t the boat…
is what you like to do with the boat. Any boat that meets the requirements of a certain venue and fits you will do.

That’s why some of us are known as “boat sluts.” Different boats for different venues.


Most Of Us
really like our boats, that is pretty much in evidence reading the various threads on this board. I am no exception, just thinking about mine brings a smile. Sing is right on in this case though, the smiles really start when you, the environment, and your boat are matched and out on the water.

Happy Paddling,


Yeah, like this one

It even makes people on shore smile.

Cobra Strike

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I loaned this boat to a lot of people trying out surf kayaking. It's never failed to get people excited about kayaks....

If I was going to have to judge which boat I own has given more smiles/hr/person it would have to be this one. Easy enough a beginner can surf it, fast enough and maneuverable enough an experienced kayaker can make it rip.

Ever see a grumpy surfkayaker?

Maybe the guy who got run over…

No that was my son Ian and his best friend. That incident was full of maniacal laughter, it’s going to be on a waveski video some folks are putting together.

Just bought a used Cobra Strike
this past Saturday. Demo’d it briefly. I am hoping it will soon be putting many smiles on both my face and my daughter’s. It is my first surf boat but after researching it and asking for input from the good folks on, I knew that if I could find a used one at a decent price that it would be a good choice as my first surf boat. Here’s to many smiles hopefully coming my way.


Consensual collisions are a whole different story. Let the silliness continue!

I’ve been looking for a used Strike
Congratulations finding one. Any more where that one came from?

The one that does as…
the paddler wishes with the greatest of ease…

surfski on a downwind run
doesn’t get any better than a fast surfski, flying down the bumps, when you are so mentally dialed in that all you can think about is how to catch the next wave. helps if the sun is out, but not strictly necessary.


yea, like that one
She looks ancient, exotic and very fast. You’ve gotta be in love. Thanks for posting the pics.