Smoke on the Water

Canadian wildfire smoke over Lake Michigan.

I was in Boulder, Co last weekend. Lots of smoke there.

Here is a photo from a mountain above the Flatirons where normally you would have a great view of Boulder and beyond out into the plains.

I am the fat one on the left.


I thought you were taller.

TomL I see a hint of deep purple on the horizon

Come on, let’s go space truckin

Had some spectacular sunsets up in the western ME mountains. No camera with me. So, it was appreciate and let it go. :sunrise_over_mountains:


Cameras rarely capture the real thing. The best way to appreciate it is to go there and witness it first-hand. The best part is the spontaneity of turning a bend, cresting a hill, or turning around and realizing you’re the only person there to see it.

Yesterday I was on the water and witnessed the tide line where the reverse currents meet. It happens twice a day, but conditions often obscure the event.

If a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Only if youre there to witness it.

I’m in Upper Michigan, and for the past week or more we have been alternating between sunny blue skies and eerie, ominous, dreariness. If it rains a little, the sky is blue the next morning. But the next thing you know, the sun is red and dim. It was particularly spooky the first afternoon. It gives me the feeling something bad is coming. But it’s the smoke from Canada.

The leaves are popping, and everything is greening up here now. So the fire danger here is dropping. In the last week, we went from the faint hint of spring, and what I call leaflets and lilac fetuses, to almost maybe 1/2 leaves. And serviceberry blossoms!

We can smell the smoke in Maryland. Initially though it was from backyard fire rings, but it’s present for extended periods over days. Then it was announced on the news channels. Part of the cycle?

We get it to some degree every year

Noticing odd smokey smells here in Pittsburgh this past week or two. But we still have a nasty coke plant (the steel smelting fuel, not the overpriced nasty soda) down the valley, a horrid ethane cracker going on line to the west and still some of the worst urban air pollution of any major US city, so who knows what we are smelling…