smoker craft canoe age?

Hi all, new to the forum here…just purchased an old smoker craft 15 aluminum canoe yesterday for $75. Its going to get used with an old 1960 1.7 hp outboard i restored. Only problem is, i have to register it with the indiana bmv to use an outboard on it and i can not find any type hull identification number on it. I know watercraft before november 1, 1972 didnt have HID numbers on them, but im having no luck finding the model number online. Its a model 68015C, with a 4 didgit SN of 7934…any help? thanks

Make something up
Personally I’d just make up a hull number as well as model number. If I felt really ambitious I’d actually make a tag to attach to the hull on the odd chance someone actually checked it in the future.


They shouldn’t care if there’s no number
What do you suppose they do about people with home-built boats? On a related topic, in many states it’s necessary to register trailers, and think about how many thousands of home-built trailers there are in every state.

If you can’t find any identifying info, just say so on the form.

>>What do you suppose they do about people with home-built boats?"

They make you put a hull ID humber on them is what they do. At least in Iowa anyway.

No way would I ever tell the courthouse I couldn’t find a Hull ID number on a used boat. They’d have to start calling people to find out what to do about it and they’d probably make me get it in writing from the guy I bought it from that it’s never had a hull ID number and while you’re at it can you get a photocopy of his driver’s license so we can verify you actually bought it from the same guy that’s on the registration. Of course I bought the boat 6 months ago from some stranger on the internet and I don’t have his phone number or e-mail. Then I’d have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and come back 3 different times to finally get everything squared away.

No, I think I’ll just come up with my own number and keep things real simple.