Smoker question - as in cooking.

My smoker does not work well in a wind or cold temps and I hear that there are jackets for them. Any know where I can get one?

Best Bet
would be the manufacturer’s web site. Most stores do not carry anything but the most basic accessories for smokers or grills in the summer, much less this time of year. Even if they do not sell retail, they may be able to provide you with the contact info for a local stocking dealer.

My experience
is that when windy it is best to erect a teepee over the smoker.

OK, I’m lyin’. I don’t have a smoker. But wouldn’t a windbreak made from a blue tarp do the trick?


I converted my well pump house into my new ‘smokehouse’. I put an old kitchen exhaust fan over the smoker and BBQ and all is good.

seems there are some jackets available. try google?


You’re a good carpenter, …
… how about building a box that is bigger than the smoker, and then drop that right over the top? Add vent holes where needed, and it should do the job.

My wife and I discussed it and we
like oven roasted better than smoked. May just sell the smoker or give it away.

salmon, oysters, sturgeon, pork loin, ribs, trout, etc.???



Really? (redux)
I have had only one smoked turkey (apple wood!) but it was the juciest, tastiest bird I have ever eaten.


Maybe I need to practice more with
the smoker.

Yet another reason to invest in a Big Green Egg.

Silver Bullet Smoker Jacket
I have the Weber smoker. This works great for me.

I also have the Guru. Fantastic.

Cooking In The Wind, Rain & Cold

ya think???
what kind ya got?

I did some mods on mine to use better/more wood and really got into the whole timing thing. It’s just like any ‘cooking’ where gittin’ the proper ‘dew’ on the food is key!

good luck


A lot of good ideas. Thanks!

Wrap it
with a layer of foil backed fiberglass insulation. Works well with my Little Chief somker.

Cameron Stovetop version
Last night we smoked some wild salmon with capers on this stove top device and will serve it today at Thanksgiving with the appetizers. Then we smoked two pork loins with cherry shavings and they wowed everyone for dinner. Granted-you can’t put whole birds or roasts in these Camerons smokers but everything else like chicken breast or fish comes out unbelievable.

That looks cool, but,
is there a problem with smoke in the kitchen? Or does it seal tightly enough to prevent the smoke from escaping?

Also, check out

smoke in kitchen
You have to either crack a window or have a decent vent fan for your stove. We do both-run the fan on low and leave a kitchen window open a wee bit. Never had any problems but your house will hold the odor of alder or cherry or mesquite chips for a few hours which we actually like. If you use a camp stove outside of course no issue at all. Smoked sliced potatoes are to die for and you’d swear they were deep fried but of course there isn’t ANY oil at all.