Smokin! On the lake

Got a late start today, 11am. It was getting toasty when we put in . By 3 pm it was like the title. We were thoroughly sun screened but my farmer’s tan is a couple of shades darker. There was no shade when paddling.
It was a beautiful day anyway. I wish I had been on the lake at sundown. It was extraordinary!

Glad you had a good day, string. Mostly cloudy day here but cool and wonderful to be on the water in spite of a couple of dumb things on my part: first, after I paddled about a mile from my launch I couldn’t remember if I had rolled up a car window. Knew I had locked the car, but the window? Paddled back, walked over to my car and yup, the window was up. Before heading out again, decided to use the porta-potty (newly installed thanks to having our region pretty much re-opened).

That’s when I discovered I had put on my paddling pants backwards. :crazy_face:

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We all have days like that and the older we get, the more frequent they become. I have yet to put my pants on backwards, but give me time.
My current paddling partner is an RN and a very competent woman. I have other partners but she is the best. I have taught her how to paddle and have done a good job based on the results. She owns no gear but I’m happy to loan it to her because she keeps me on the water.
Today would not have happened without her. And, my wife approves of the arrangement.

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Protect yourself from the sun. Just finished 3 skin cancer surgeries.

Always. I’ve had multiple pre cancerous spots burned off my face and head and a carcinoma removed from my collarbone.
That spot had one bad sunburn when I was 17 and none since.
In spite of almost 4 hours in direct sun yesterday, there no was no burning.

Well at least the hot weather should reduce the coronavirus risks.

Low 80’s yesterday and today. Yesterday I paddled past a big clump of kayakers wearing nothing but bathing suits (none had a PFD) while I had long sleeves and paddling gloves and a sun hat and there was zero wind so it was hot with plenty of mosquitos. Today there was a breeze and it was lovely on the water.

I’d like to tease Rookie but this year is the first time I launched without a paddle (on a river with current) and sometimes I do accidentally leave a window open.

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Well good. We had a little over 7 inches of rain yesterday. More today. Cristabal at work on the Gulf moisture.