Snap dragon closing!?

Been calling around looking for a skirt, was told today by a shop that snapdragon is going out of business, so they won’t be carrying they anymore once their existing stock is depleted…

Can anyone confirm? Not sure I want to buy one if that’s the case.

I heard the same a couple of weeks ago but I don’t know if it is true.

I tried to order a custom cockpit cover from Snapdragon a few months ago, through my local kayak shop. They sent the pattern and got a response that Snapdragon had had to vacate their warehouse location and were searching for a new spot for their operations. This was probably in November. Sounds like they didn’t find anywhere to go :frowning:

Have had several of their sprayskirts over the years.
I still have a pair of their ‘Hyper Hands’ pogies that have gotten VERY much use and abuse, and still function (though the velcro no longer works) that I bought not long after arriving in Seattle (around '84) from Lee Moyers ‘Pacific Water Sports’ shop.

Well, reading up and seeing how many people love these skirts, ended up grabbing one tonight anyway.

A second shop I called also confirmed they went out of business, and all their snap dragon skirts are on clearance because of it. I also called snap dragons phone number on their website, after a few rings a recording comes in a says the number is disconnected.
Too bad, sounded like they did things right, with so many kayaks sold over the last year I figured they would have been busier than ever.

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Great products :+1: sad. Made me custom tunnels on my skirts, pogies are great too.

I have an Snapdragon OC custom that I ordered years ago for the Arctic Hawk.
I love(d) it. Well engineered and Not in bad shape. It used to drop onto the coaming like deck hatch.
The tunnel “shrunk” :wink: so severely it would no longer fit. I had to make tuitsoqs

Peace Jeff


Bummer, I’ve had several and still have one of their skirts. They’ve treated me well and I hate to hear that they’re out of business.

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I had that exact same problem. :stuck_out_tongue: I bought a newer “pre-shrunk” version of the same skirt and haven’t had that issue…except when I eat too much. :rofl:

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What material was it that shrunk?

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I think that was a joke.

But, it’s really too bad they’re going out of business, if true. I also really like my snapdragon skirt and have had very positive experience with their customer service.


It’s really no joke when the tunnel seems to shrink the same amount as your PFD and your paddling tops… :sunglasses:


Seriously though, folks. I own 4 Snap Dragon skirts. Two Breathable Glacier Treks and two Ocean Treks. I’m in good shape as far as skirts go but if I needed another skirt I wouldn’t hesitate buy or recommend a Snap Dragon skirt, regardless of their business situation. They made good stuff.


Odd. In nearly all other areas of commerce, when a highly desirable commodity becomes suddenly unavailable, the value or price usually climbs.

Even more incentive now to make the old one fit, just looked at it, it’s got 5 years of abuse left, which I probably do not have. 34" compared to 38" sucking it in. I can fit the skirt but my interal organs are not happy. Company definitely got 2020"d (spelled f ----- d).


Glad to hear about your feedback on the Glacier Trek, that’s what I picked up - but the flirt version… i don’t like’em sitting up so high.

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Thanks for the information – bummer news, though. I have loved their products, have SD backbands in two kayaks and one of their nylon sprayskirts is my favorite among the half dozen I have owned over the years and it fits the 3 kayaks I paddle most often. I jumped on a search for the dwindling stocks and snagged the usual $170 Glacier EXP Breathable for $120 from this Ebay seller: they still have mixed sizes of tunnels and decks.

Olympic Outdoor Center in Port Gamble, WA, appears to have a lot of stock of SD left also. (Note: their site won’t load if you are using Safari browser – I had to switch to Chrome.)

I have put SD backbands in a couple of my boats. Those boats are gone now and with the backbands.

How long do spray skirts usually last?

Depends on materials, quality, and use hard to quantify in years. If you’re doing rescue practice and pulling hulls on your combing it would cut down on the life. I have neoprene ones from Snapdragon rinsed well after use and some waterproofing now and then. They still look and perform like brand new after 10 years. Probably have 4 or 5 for my different size cockpits all Snapdragon’s. Seals makes good products also.

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