Snapdragon Pogies: Hot vs Hyper Hands???

Looking at ordering a pair of Snapdragon Pogies, but unsure whether to order the hot hands vs. hyper hands.

My biggest concerns is with weight. They both are the same thickness. The material of the hyper hands is more water proof…but is it heavier?


They make great sprayskirts, but
I haven’t seen their Pogies. In addition to weight (a minor factor in my view), you should consider ease of getting your hands in and out of them. And, they should tend to stay in the same place on the shaft, rather than sliding down when you take a hand out.

I have some old Stohlquist Pogies with lightly waterproofed Nylon material. The waterproofing is also somewhat heat reflective.

Frankly, though, this old geezer deals with the issue by only padding on days when the afternoon temperature reaches 55 F, and the wind is relatively low. I usually have my waterproof camera on my person, and so I don’t like to fool with Pogies and the camera too. To keep my hands tolerably warm, I over-insulate the rest of me. That causes blood to flow to my hands to compensate for my body being almost too warm.

hot hands
I just went ahead and ordered the hot hands. I have owned a lot of pogies and agree about the importance of the size of the opening and them staying put on the shaft.

I owend a set of the hyper hands before and they met these criteria quite well, but I remember them being heavy. Heavy pogies are annoying on an ultralight paddle.

i think the hot hands which are plain neo are going to be lighter than the others which are made of hypalon…???

Big Fan - SnapDragon Pogies Rock !

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SnapDragon Pogies are easy on and easy off
Had mine for many many seasons, still in great shape.

Can't speak to the weight - only got one pair.

Hypalon "may" be phased out, remember seeing articles a few years ago