Snapdragon river trek on a glass boat

I ordered a “Snap Dragon River or Ocean Trek EZ Skirt All Neo” from NWOC thinking the Ocean and River were the same.

I received the River Trek, which I realize now looks different than the Ocean Trek on the Snapdragon web site.

Trying it on land, the skirt goes on my fiberglass boat kind of difficult, and comes off difficult. It’s the comes off part I’m woried about, during wet exits.

Do you think the River trek is specifically designed to come off of plastic boats, and that the Ocean trek would come off easier on a glass boat? Did I goof? I haven’t used it yet paddleing and could return it.

Paul S.

Check The Rand…
is it rubber or shock corded? Rubber rand will stick to composite coaming and may inhibit a wet exit. If it’s shock cord, though tight, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just push forward and then pull back on the loop. Practice it.


It’s shock cording.
Thanks Sing.

Paul S.

Yes, I bought a Snapdragon for a rim
that I laid up myself. It it a bit hard to get on, but it stays on, until I pull the loop to get it off. Completely dry, and easier to put on than the old Prijon shock cord skirt it replaced.

Not the EZ I don’t think
Even thought I ordered the EZ from NWOC, I don’t think that’s what I got. I don’t think Snapdragon makes them anymore. My memory is the EZ is 2mm deck. This is 3mm deck. I suppose as I gain experience I’ll appreciate the 3mm for it’s stay-on-ness in breaking waves. I liked how easy the EZ went on and off though, and I bet it stayed on pretty good in waves too. Oh well.

Paul S.