snapdragon skirt adjustment question

I have a river trek all neoprene skirt that fit the 16 X 30 Impex Mystic cockpit.If I went to a boat with a 16.5 X 31" cockpit will this skirt still accomodate that size ? IS there any adjustement I can make to the bungee cord in the skirt?(maybe loosen and move the knot further out)?

with the minimal differences
you mention, simply moving the knot out slightly should work. I have an older model with the knotted bunji also and it facilitates using it on slightly different sized comings. Smaller comings can be handled by tightening the knot in, but it will leave the deck kinda baggy.

If the bungee is sewn to the skirt all
around, loosening the knot will make less difference. Old skirts had the bungee loose in a tunnel at the skirt rim, and loosening the knot made all the difference.

One" longer cockpit, don’t sweat it, should fit fine. Nobody make a finer skirt than Snapdragon!

uh oh- its sewn in–no knot!
I just checked my snapdragon OceanTrek skirt and theres no knot and the bungee looks sewn in all around. I guess its the newer version. So even though it fits decks sized small (16" X 30" Mystic) you feel it will still accomdate a cockpit of 16.5" X 31" ok?

side-to-side leans may pop it off?
My medium fixed bunji S.D. skirt WILL fit a coming requiring a large skirt, BUT it sorta wants to ride up off the sides of the coming in some situations, and it can be a bit of a bitch, and a stretch, to get on with gloved hands. But the differences in my two boats comings is definitely more than you posted.

I guess the answer will be when I demo
The Swift Saranac 14 sport.I will bring my Snapdragon Skirt and see how it fits or not fits. I will report this back to the forum for any future inquiries.