I am trying to find a skirt for a Chatham 16. I currently have an el cheapo Seals Inlander skirt. It’s a great skirt but it obviously doesn’t keep water from coming in. I am looking for a good neoprene skirt that will not let water in when carving turns or rolling (once I start learning). The kicker is, I need one that will still be comfortable in the summertime heat. I have heard good things about Snapdragon skirts. Naturally, the lower the price, the better. I appreciate your suggestions.


I have both a Snapdragon and a Seals
I prefer the Seals. Mine has a Nylon trunk and lets some of the heat out. It might be hard to get a tight fitting dry skirt that is not going to hold some heat.

Have both Snap and Seals

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Also Bomber Gear. All good skirts - the only thing I'd suggest is that in either brand you get one that has decktop and/or edge layer of reinforcement that will make it more resistant to damage from boats being dragged over it.

Both have a skirt available with a neo deck and a breathable tube, assuming that the breathable tubes do so. One might have a shape that is a more precise fit for the boat, but even that is likely to be minor.

I have several snapdragon skirts. In fact, I only have one non-snapdragon skirt (Immersion Research) because I had to replace my old snapdragon skirt and napdragon no longer made skirts to fit my old model ww (creeker) kayak.

The old snapdragon skirt was wonderful, but it needed to be replaced. Years of abuse and winter roll practices in the cholorinated pool finally did that snapdragon skirt in.

The bottomline is I would recommend snapdragon skirts.