sneaky pocket cruiser?

A lot of the races I attend will put boats in the same class by length, wieght material. Sometimes the race director will look at a boat and say it is a race boat and disqualify the boat, which really sucked since we had painted all the sponsors names on the hull… What are some fast, realitively unknown canoes in Glass? I once saw a mohawk that looked an awfull lot like my Jensen.

Basically I am trying to find out the names of canoes I can look for second hand. In out floatilla we have Comp Cruisers, Standard citezen racers, Stock 18’6" boat 18’ foot boat and a few royalex hulls. I guess the Canadienne would be great sneaky pocket cruiser and they are available second hand, and under 18 foot. How does the solo plus in glass stack up for a race?

Any other boats I should consider?

Solo Plus



Jensen designed anything


My 17 foot Jensen
slips into the rec. class in many races, which makes for a bunch of trophies.

The only problem is we are also put in with the stock 18 footers in the big races like the Adirondack which makes for tough competition.



Oops sorry !
I just reread your post and didn’t realize you were looking for glass.

Ours is Kevlar.

If you can find a Blackhawk it might fit the bill.

I think they made them up to 16 feet.

I used to have a thirteen foot solo and that was one sweet little canoe



I never even thought about the blackhawks. Which tandems of theirs was fast?

Blackhawk Watesmeet tandem for sale

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in classifieds. Know nothing about it. TheBob has been researching Blackhawks. Maybe he knows something of it's design and/or speed.

(MI) Is anyone interested in a 1995 Blackhawk Watersmeet in very good condition? -- Submitted by: JSP

I would suggest one of Diller's rec boats as they are VERY fast, but he and his race boats are too well known in race circles so there would probably be no "sneak".

Happy Paddl'n!



Blackhawk possibilities…

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Overall length 16'9"
Waterline length 16'6"
Hull width 35.5"
Gunwale width 35.5"
Waterline width 30"
Depth at Center 15"
Bow/Stern Height 24"/21"
6" Freeboad Capacity 1100 lb.
Silver layup 69 lb.
Gold layup 57 lb.

Overall length 17'10"
Waterline length 17'8"
Hull width 34.5"
Gunwale width 34.5"
Waterline width 27"
Depth at center 14.5 "
Bow/Stern height 22"/19"
6" Freeboard capacity 900 lb.
Silver layup 69 lb.
Gold layup 57 lb.

Silver layup: Blend of E&S glass cloth in 4 weights & weaves

Gold layup: Kevlar fabric by Dupont & graphite for additional stiffness.

P.S. If you find a Zephyr &/or a Shadow for sale during your search; point em my way. I'm looking for both!

No expert,

At least one Jensen designed Souris
River canoe. It was a solo, but there might have been a tandem in there somewhere. You would need to research it.

Souris Rivers are light and fairly quick. Handling is between a Bell and a Wa-NO-nah. If you found an Jensen designed tandem you would have a fast sneaky sleeper.

If there is an old one best place to look for it would be Canada.

Good luck!

Happy Paddl’n!



Hello baldpaddler and hope you and your elite race team from Norht Carolina are doing well! Race directors know all the tricks and your quest for a sneaky fast boat is probably not worth the effort.

Hey Dave
Up in New York they know all the tricks. Down here They get kind of wierd. I was racing a 16.5 foot royalex boat in the same class as a pair of kevlar Jensen 18’s. I should have protested as the Jensen 18 is actually 18 foot 2 inches which would have put them in the Competition Cruiser class. In another race They had two classes. Rec and racing. I was racing against 18.4 foot aluminum racing hulls, 17 foot Kevlar touring etc and I was in an old 16 foot roylex Penobscot.

I did one race in Georgia and they asked if you had ever raced before? And then they decided what class to put you in!

So…I am just trying to figure out what to look for when I see an ad for old used a canoe. Some people have no idea what they have and I want to take advantage of that!


just sign me only

half fast in North Carolina