Sneaky Waves

Lack of awareness/knowledge can kill you…


  • fishermen: if you’re fishing from a rock, watch for those big waves coming in
  • bombora’s: (Aussie term) when out paddling - watch for breaking waves well off in the distance. It may take a while for one to break. (on a trip up the Aussie coast, I got knocked over by a ‘surprise’ years ago - interestingly enough - it was near a point called ‘Wreck Rocks’)

The 5 year old girl reported in the OP’s article has since unfortunately passed.

This is recreational crab season, which adds to the chaos. Lots of people who aren’t ocean savvy go out fishing during these times. The beaches right now are filled with fisherman lined up casting their crab snares over the break.

Salmon season is just boaters getting in trouble. Because crab can be fished from shore, it is boaters plus beach users getting in trouble.

Picture from when I went crabbing from kayak a few weeks ago. Swell was mellow that day, which is something I look for to be able to go out (particularly because that beach is rather dumpy). Caught enough for 2 dinners.

Sorry to hear that.

Nice shot from the Presidio coastline. Miss San Fran every so often.


When you are missing it enough to come out, drop me a line. I’ll set you up.

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Thanks. Appreciate the offer!


Waves are not “sneaky.” That is pure anthropormorphism. Waves form in response to pure physics. Never turn your back on the ocean.

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Or on an anthropromorph.


Unfortunately, it happens all the time around here, and it doesn’t involve sneaky waves. Fishermen climb out on the rocks at low tide, then slip or get knocked over by a wave as the tide comes back in. I see them all the time in my early morning paddles.

Along Ocean Road - Narragansett
More fisherman

Beaver Tail - Jamestown
Fishermen at Beavertail

Black Point - Narragansett

Potter Cover - Jamestown
Taylor Point

Newport Bridge - Jamestown
Fisherman on Taylor Point

Camp Cronin - Point Judith
Fishing from the east jetty

But if you are not careful you are dealing with this.
Waves at Beavertail

Or even this.
.East Wall

It is usually fishermen, but sometimes its kids who got too close the the waves. The rocks are real slick and slippery - easy to fall in, tough to get back out without getting trashed on the rocks.

The down-side of a beautiful rocky coast…

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Some are luckier than others…


I have some images I did of surfers from underwater at sharks cove, see if I can find one. When I lived there I went through a period where I was enthusiastic about shooting surfers from underwater with the wave action.

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