Snow Kayaking

I am looking for info on Snow Kayaking.

How do you do it?

Where do you do it?

Any photos, tips or advice?


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How to do it…

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...a budddy of mine took a Micro 230 that was
busted up too badly for use on the water, cut
the rim off it, put in a big block of minicell
as a seat.

He also has a dagger of some less obvious model
which he scooped out, shortened, cut hand holds
in the side.

I borrowed it.

It's fast. Much faster than commercial sleds.

I have a busted tail bone and maybe a bad disk,
from it but HOT DAMN WHAT A RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try to get him to post some pictures of it.

PS. I made two runs after getting busted up.

PPS. After one ride I got flipped…
…around backwards, the raw, sawed off edge dug

in, I went airborn and two kids said, “Whoa,

Dude, you did a back flip.”

I got an easy 6’ of air.

They are steerable if you have snow. Use a

paddle like a rudder.

The problem I was having was about 1/4 inch of

snow on top of 2 inches of ice. No way to steer.

water is water
I don’t claim to be an expert but I have tryed my hand at kayak sleding (kaleding we dubed it). My experience is that it is the same thing as surfing only slower, water is water liquid or solid. you can rudder, spin, etc. (I would not recomend trying cartwheels) so long as you have a good six inches of powder. The down side of having that much snow is that it tends to be slow (I found using ski wax on the hull helps). I was a little wary of fliping so I wore a helmet I would recomend you do the same.

Oh one last thing, if you want to oil can your hull, this might be the fastest way to do it.


Flexible Flyer
the snow craft of my childhood. Fast and controllable.

The right tool for the right job!


it is fun
I took the Old Town Blast (I thikn…mine is called Otter sport, so I forget the real name). It was fast, but I had trouble stopping. I also tried sitting on the deck to use my feet as breaks…I almost broke my groin. I would NOT sugest that. Maybe I will find the pics and post them. The tree line at the bottum of the hill stopped me, only minor scratches to the face.


Some tips
Sit on tops are best. I usually go on gentler slopes. Wold Epic Surf Kayaks do not fare well when they meet trees and the surf fins do hinder manueverability on snow. Use a tough, plastic paddle.

Only time I did it was
on a 50’ long boat ramp into the Monocacy River. There was about 6" of snow on the ramp, I was in a poly Wilderness Systems Tempest 170. It was a nice quick ride down the ramp and a “jet-ski” 50’ into the river. Did it 6 or 7 times.