Snow kayaking??

The lakes are all frozen over so Im desperate. I recall seeing youtube videos of snow kayaking. But it was on ski slopes going downhill. the gravity was propelling them. But is it possible to kayak on snow on flat land?? If the snow is very deep, is it possible to propell the kayak with the paddle through the snow?? Also, all kayaks I’ve seen performing this activity were WW kayaks. would it work with an open-water kayak?? Lastly, my question is would the cold snow be harmfull to Polyethylene? I am guessing not, considering that sleds are also made of polymer and the plastic in sleds arent as strong as the material on kayaks.

Are you for real?
Why don’t you go out and paddle your plastic kayak across the flat field in a few feet of snow…?

The exercise will be good for you. Come to think of it, why don’t you video yourself, and post it with a link? That would be priceless.

Get back to us, and let us know how it goes.

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Who would do that?
Risk damaging a Pam 140 in the snow? No way! Get a sled.

kayak snow
We used a couple of Old Town Otters to down hill kayak in the snow when my kids were small. It only lasted 1 evening. Kayaks are a bee itch to pull back up the hill. Never again, and they weren’t that fast. But, we did strap them on furniture dollies and raced them around a gym with broom sticks for paddles . Now that was fun!

the cat’s outta the bag.

we were just getting ready to introduce a new line of boats just for this ‘new’ sport. we wanted to be ahead of the curve and do something real cool that NO one had ever really done…winter touring flatland or W T F.


Post this again in february and it’s
sure to top 300 posts. OP must be a masochist…

Well…let’s think about this…

…in white water kayaking, you go down hill, because

that’s how water flows. OK, water will go up in a

vacuum, but that’s not the point here.

the coefficient of friction is a lot greater in snow

than on water, so you have no glide. It’s going to

be worse than paddling a ww kayak on flat water.

It will work, but it’s going to be ugly.

If you do it post video.

It should work just fine.
Start by greasing that craft with a gallon of Vaseline.

You do know about the coefficient of friction of snow do you not?

Or better go to your cross country ski store and pick up their entire stock of waxes for different snow types and temps.

That way you will be too poor to paddle on the water when the ice goes out…LOL.

You’re thinking about it all wrong…
Forget the flat stuff. Everyone knows that when there’s snow, the best sports are on steep. Also, because of the surface area and stability a canoe carries, it is also a better snow vehicle too.

I can tell you for a fact than an Ocoee makes a fantastic sled. Albeit a very fast, hard to control, and impossible to stop sled, but isn’t that the point?

Yup - find yourself a hill
You don’t need to wait for snow, but wear your helmet

flatland.this’ll work
click on the picture

You DO know what a brace is?

Whitewater - white water
You know that snow and water are the same thing, right?

Only snow is frozen, so it’s white.

That’s why only whitewater boats can be used for snow kayaking.

You’re gonna need
a few big dogs and some rope.

Gee! Gee! Haw!


I’m in NC and when we see a few snow
flakes, there is a run on milk and bread. Do you mind paddling over to the IGA or Piggly Wiggly and fetching me a loaf of Merita and some butter milk