Snow threads from the Great Lakes

I live under one of those dark gray areas at the tip of the mitt…but the tip can’t be seen because of the lake effect snow.

Neat picture. I’m having trouble finding my own location under all of that snow too. We got a lot of snow in a short amount of time. But there are others who got a lot more.

Iowa was too cold for snow. -13

with icy tear
blinked twice
casting gaze
and down
for a great lake
but none
can be sighted
within their freezing
to dark sky
in landing

But hey. The stark beauty is benumbing. Till bemelting, at least.

@canoeswithduckheads <3

We’re in St Joseph which is towards the southern tip of Lake Michigan…towards the bottom of your picture where it looks like deep fluffy cotton.


long fetch down the lake to your area. How’s the ice down there?

Any pictures of the shore ice building? I forget the name for that but it really looks magical from many pictures I have seen.

Hey Rookie, the ice down here is already pretty serious. The St Joseph River has already frozen over which it doesn’t always do, the small local lakes are approved for ice fishing and Lake Michigan looks very cold with lots of slushy/chunky ice near shore.

Sorry no pics paddledog…maybe soon. I guess I’m taking the views for granted. Downtown St Joseph is on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan and it looks pretty magical all the time to me!

Here are a couple pics taken this morning on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. 2 days ago it was almost 60 degrees and there was no ice. Not sure if this is new ice or ice blown back here by changing winds. You can also see the snowstorm that is supposed to hit us soon.


Sunny today up here at the tip of the mitt. Little Traverse Bay is iced over, as is the harbor at Harbor Springs.
Ducks sought refuge from the ice where an artesian spring keeps a small pond open. So far.

Looks like you have plenty of water for a freestyle canoe Rookie. I’m sending more ice your way.