Snug Fit Crossover Kayak

Do any of the new “crossover” or hybred kayaks feature a snug fit for smaller paddlers (5’8", 160 lbs). Just looking for something for day trips and to have fun in the “rough stuff.”

Thanks to all who respond.


Snug fit
The best choice for a snug fit are probably the Remix XP 9 or 10. They use the same outfitting as their other whitewater boats. The Dagger Approach has thigh pads but no hip pads. However, you could add hip pads fairly easily using either something after-market or the old fashioned foam and glue. Hope this helps.

Liquid logic Remix XP9
this cross over has pockets built in to the seating so you can custom shape the support for a snug fit. Wish they offered that system in a longer day-touring type kayak! The skeg helps the XP track well in flat water conditions.

depends…how snug do you want it?
i used to like having a really tight fit in my boats…but i saw that it was more detrimental to my rotation and skills…i was literally wedged in there without much pace to shift if needed…

now for all of my boats i have gotten rid of my hip pads…and prefer a more open fit…

the rockhopper has a cavernous cockpit but at teh same time i have NO worries at all about its ability (with me in it) in any seas…i still have as much contact as i need and the ability to relax as wished…

my tempest is the same set up…comfy but supportive…(sounds like a bra commercial try the new Confluence Tempest triple D)

John Carmody points out that if you are paddling in any sort of conditions then you should not be tense the entire time…if so you will upset your stability…you want to be loose and flowing and have the ability to react if needed…

if you decide that you really want a tight snug fit then you want to look at the Jackson All water and the liquid logic boats…the white water boats will have a tighter fit…but that is because you can sling around a7’ boat as opposed to a 13’ with just a hip movement…

Marketing / Warning
Any boat like the Riot Stealth, you can install some thigh braces and mini cell padding, a seat belt, a suicide bar whaterver… and make it as tight a fit as you like. This is commonly done with surf boats.

A lot of the boats that are marketed as crossover boats are just renamed a marketed as a gimmick. If you are going to paddle white water make sure you have a foam pillar to keep the boat from collapsing if pinned in moving water, especially if you go for a tight fitting boat.