So Fla (Brow/PB) Kayak Launch Sites

Good morning,

I’m looking for a place to launch our kayaks where we can see some more natural areas versus built up areas. We’ve paddled a bit in the canals behind the house but we want to take the kayaks some where local.

I’m thinking of maybe Lake Wyman from the Boca park east of Federal HW north of Glades (Behind the 5th Ave shops, I think). Or perhaps the park in Dania on the beach (John U Lloyd?) Are those good spots to paddle near some mangroves, etc? Or can anyone mention anything else?

It’ll be myself, my wife and 4-year old son so something that is easy to launch and retreive as well would be preferrable.

Thanks for any suggestions.


happy to see this
as I live in Broward County and really don’t know may paddling sites around here. My own fault really…I just go to the lake and on weekends hit the ocean when I can.

Oleta River State Park has some mangrove trails that are pretty cool. West Lake and Ann Kolb have very calm waters and some trails.

Hope to see more suggestions here.


George English (Sunrise Blvd and Bayview) is a classic but that’s another urban destination, easy and nice but still urban.

Another very easy destination is West Lake, take 95 and get off on Sheridan, drive east, entrance on the south side just before the intracoastal. Easy to launch, 4 nice well marked trails.

Oleta park ( ) also a nice “friendly” destination.

Loxahatchee river is still a long time favorite, can’t come up with a link, google will help you.

The National Wildlife Refuge in Boynton Beach is one of my favorites if the weather is right, this 6 miles trail is not shaded so it’s on the “warm” side of the spectrum. Try it before summer arrives.

If you want/can drive to the west coast the possibilities will be endless.

Lake Wyman
is a good close spot and the mangrove tunnels at Rutherford park are fun. There has been some damage from the storms so the tops of the black mangroves have been thinned. You will see green turtles and an occasional manatee over the grass beds in lake Wyman. I paddle there frequently. Launch at Rutherford Park behind the Publix, head south through the creek and exit east out into the lake. Avoid Sundays due to boat traffic and coordinate your trips with the high tide.

Another favorite is the cnoe trail at the Loxahatchee Nationl Wildlife Refuge(not to be confused with the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter,another good paddle). The Refuge is a great place to experience freshwater glades habitat with typical birdlife and lots of friendly gators at this time of year. I paddle this area about 3 times per week. Take 441 north past Atlantic Ave in Delray and make a left at the refuge about 3 miles up the road. The canoe trail is near the boat ramp.

Email me for other spots.