So I Broke A Deck Rigging Fastener...

I’m not even sure if that’s what you call it - that’s why I can’t do a google search and solve this problem myself.

One of the clamps that holds the bunjee deck rigging in place on my Perception Carolina broke. The screw that pins the clamp to the deck is ok, it’s just the plastic that is around the screw has broken.

My question, if you can understand what I’m talking about above, is “where can I find a replacement clamp/fastener/whatever the heck it’s called”?

I’d prefer to get it online so I don’t have to drive anywhere and it’s not an immediate need. It’s kinda tough to find it since I don’t know what it’s called!!

deckeye (Canadian Page)

how old of Carolina?
I bought one 5 yrs ago and was given like 25 extra little bungie holders. I could send ya 3 of 'em…

I’ll send you an email with my contact info.

Not sure if it matters, but using this as a picture:

The broken nub is the one directly to the left of the round white sticker on the front of the boat.

Thanks again!

That link is kinda what I’m looking for, but not exactly. I posted a link with a picture of the boat from overhead to get a better idea of the deck riggings that I’m talking about.

Contact Perception
and they’ll probably mail one to you free.

Eye Straps or Bungee Straps.
Technically referred to as “single eye straps” as both flanged eyes utilize the same fastener in the way they are bent into a circle. Jamestown Distributors may have them.

I use the black webbing method learned from Chris Kulczicky (of CLC). Folded over webbing as a strap mount. No eventual brittleness and breaking as the plastic ones will do. Greater load bearing.

Sounds like you might get free replacements though? Cool if you do!

aren’t they all the same?

Try the Perception website…

They have contact info there. I’ve emailed them before and always rec’d same day responsed. I’m sure they’ll be able to send you what you need for free or at a very nominal cost. Get a couple extra to have on hand in case another one breaks.

extras are useful
I have a friend in Minneapolis who visits Tucson every 6 weeks and seh buys them by the dozen at the boat store and brings them to me.

I’ve been going crazy adding them to my boats.

I run 6 around the wells of my Scrambler SOT so Ican use a motorcycle bungee cargo net to hold my stuff down.

I also put them in front and back of my cocpit of my Mallard SinKs and run a net in the front and bungee in the back to hold my gear.

For the record, I replace the fore bungee with a net so I can slide my camera, sunscreen, water bottle and other small stuff under the net instead of have it rattling around inside.

sounds like a
net fetish. LOL.Bet it works well though.

Padeye curiosity,how did u break it ?
it ? Just wondering…let me know if you cannot find the black plastic ones…have 'm here.

Same goes for ‘hooks’

Keepers or Kajak Sport
hi. regarding your broken deck line fitting. If you have little luck dealing with Perception directly, you can get them here:

Scroll about 1/3 of the way down the page and you’ll find the dome shaped ones that you are looking for. They are made by Kajak Sport. I think the ones Perception uses are made by Keepers but they are the same species.

I have so many 'cause…
right after I bought it, someone told me there was a bad production run on those things and if I contacted Perception, I’d get new ones. Went to where I got the boat and at first they didn’t believe me, but after discussion with Perception, they sent me enough to redo 2 whole boats. guess there was a bad run…I might have even heard it here…not sure…