So - issues with the Garmin 78 series?

Having taken another look… one sale is off but others are out there.

Jack pointed out in the other thread that the waypoints were uncontrollably large and paging thru to tide charts was a PITA. Compared to the 76 series. I looked at some of the less marine dedicated units and so far the price of the unit along with what I would want as a full marine chart are comparable to the sale price on the Garmin 78SC. Which comes with coastal US and Mexico loaded.

Any other issues?

Gar no speak

used a 78 on the Rio …AAA

failed transfer of the most southern map section.

prob was the guidebook map is in UTM

recommend a UTM translator ?

unprepared for that so the relation between guide n GPS was tenuous.

a how many miles to go deal with arranged shuttle costing $$$

None so far
I went with the 78sc as has physical buttons to manipulate it rather than a touch screen which doesn’t when hands are wet.

It’s the unit of choice of many Watertribe racers so I took their collective wisdom.

I did smear the sub and other connections with dielectric grease and then put the rubber covers back in place. I further sealed these over with a broad piece of electrical tape. Triple redundant, perhaps but it doesn’t hurt.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

Thanks, had not thought of that
My old ones all had buttons, so the fact that some newer ones are all touch screen is something that I truly have not noticed. Even when looking at pictures of them online. duh… Good thought for chillier waters.