So many kayak paddle choices

I thought about putting this under advice, but it’s not really advice, it’s more my personal musings.
One of the big successes of my SOT outing yesterday was my new paddle.

This is a high angle, medium size blade. I think this fits me.
On the outing yesterday, it was a canoe club outing, but only one couple was in a canoe, the rest of us were in solo kayaks of one form or another. I was the only one with a high angle blade.
It looks like a lot of the people on this forum use low angle blades. Even Greenland style.
For my canoe, I’m wondering if an extra long, low angle, small blade area paddle might work for keeping water out of the boat.
On the other hand, I like to try and paddle like an Olympic kayaker, because it’s more efficient. Paddling in a relaxed, low angle fashion goes against my grain. I had the slowest boat, yesterday, and I was still able to keep up. I think my paddle and paddling style is why.
I think for now, a high angle, mid size blade is the way to go.

How wide is your SOT? Low angle blades are more common on SOTs because most are wider than 24-25 inches & they ride a few, to several inches higher than sit in kayaks which makes high angle paddling more difficult. Nothing says you cannot high angle a SOT - it’s just uncomfortable paddling for most.

I’d have to double check, but I think it’s 30".
But I’m tall. I have very long arms.
And I wouldn’t buy paddles for only this boat. Especially since I don’t like it much.
But, I suppose, most people would get low angle for a canoe too.