So , she says

First who she is. A senior paddler who has owned and paddled virtually every high end SINK made with a couple of surf skis.

We were paddling last week ,talking boats of course. Although I am not even close in terms of boats owned, I have had quite a few.

We have both been in search of the ideal boat for similar reasons, most related to aging.

I was once again in my Tarpon. She says that I should give up and accept that the Tarpon is the boat for me.

Out of the water it is an ungainly beast. In the water, it shines through it will never be as fast as a good SINK.And it is all day comfortable.

She may be right.I May be done looking.

you know what they say
You can shop the milk as long as you remember that you have the cow at home. So, look all you want.

(Please do not share this analogy with your wife, lest she take it too literally)

So, the…
…Jersey Paddler’s still kickin’, aye?

How’s Pat?
She still paddling the Seward Silhouette, or has she moved on. We have similar tastes in kayaks. I have bought 2 kayaks(Nordkapp LV & F&R Silhouette) from her.

Doing great. I don’t even remember that

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boat but I'm not into SINKS.
Pat, Bitsy*,and I paddle 2 or 3 times a month.
Bitsy is Pat's Jack Russell. She fits nicely in a rear hatch.

Not Done Yet - Look At This:
It’s all in the bag:

Pat bought her Seward Silhouette, prior to the Charleston Festival. Someone from up north, picked it up; from buyer and brought it down.

How is her shoulder, holding out?

Shoulder surgery is scheduled for
December. Pat is able to paddle as long as she doesn’t push it.

Cool boat.

Where’s his PFD?
Naughty, naughty! Setting a bad example. Nearly as bad as not have your boat tied down properly atop you vehicle. Accidents do happen.

Anyone remember the post years ago regarding a pickup having a canoe up on its rack, not tied at the ends and ended up hitting a motorcyclist?

_ _it happens!

It’s A Cultural Matter
And I respect That.