So unlike me these days

I’m down in TN in my RV, staying at Fall Creek Falls, and noticed the rental canoes are Royalex Mad Rivers…I couldn’t resist. Sold and gave away my last 8 or so boats last year when I thought I’d be moving to TN; ended up not moving but haven’t really missed the boats. More biking,projects around the house, time with the wife etc…but couldn’t resist an hour in a decent canoe, and darn good canoe for a rental. I was tempted to stand up and do my canoe poling warm up routine, but figured folks would freak out a bit lol. Just a lake paddle, no rock bashing, but felt pretty good.
A big hello to the old peanet folks.


I did all that other stuff before I got boats. Then I got boats and seems like I’m still doing to damn much if the other stuff. Seems like an unfortunate turn, but at least you have no regrets and now have time to focus on other things. If you keep reading about it, I suspect you’ll at least get back to the water when you manage to find a nice rental. Keep enjoying your RV daggermat.

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I had 18 boats for awhile. Bashed rocks in the winter and weeknights, canoes, converted kayaks and one squirt boat, then sailed Long Island,Fishers Island, and Block Island sounds mainly, along with Gardiners Bay, weekends, long weekends and vacations…on occasion I’d pack a canoe on the foredeck of my sailboat, and my son and I surfed the waves at Block Island a few times…never a good landing lol…life’s a journey.
Thinking if I don’t buy another house, I may pick up a light canoe for some of the quiet waters, local dealer carries Swift, and they have some beauties. Still have my poles as well, and a great local river for poling, though that would necessitate another canoe…hmm…
Thanks on the RV. Just talked with the better half, who stayed home this trip. Janice told me to relax, no hurries, take my time and enjoy, maybe check on some properties in WV that I liked…glad I split 10 cord before I left lol.

Yeah. There’s life before and after paddling. If I ever fix my knees, I might divert some of my time to hiking and biking. I kayak because the other things became too difficult. You know what you want to do. So many people die never figuring out what they want to do. All you need is a plan. Your lucky you have a good partnership. My wife want me around. But when I am, it doesnt seem to make her happy. Follow those dreams where they take you, and you can still send pictures.

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Good on you for adapting and still getting out in your kayak. My knees aren’t horrible, but require attention. One thing that helped when I moved from the state of denial a few months ago, when my knee swore at my stubborn brain while climbing a hill on my MTB was to get an e-bike. Loved it so much I got another different styled one (sound familiar, paddlin’ peeps?). I brought the folder with me on this trip, and have 110 miles on it so far. One of the best purchases I can recall making.

Its funny, I have a number of boats, but only use one.

I avoid pain as much as the next person, but its really nothing more than a warning sign. If you know the problem, you can ignore the warnings. After a while you just get tired of the messsge and do something else, like watch tv. You can see the world without leaving the chair. It even has shows about real kayaking.

Great to hear from you Matt - Chuck and I were just talking about getting back to Riverton for a poling trip. Hopefully you have at least one poling boat left. TommyC! too.

Also having problems with my knees (though getting old). My solution was to buy a sea kayak. Fortunately, with breaks and a lot of vitamin “I”, I can still manage to kneel in my whitewater boat.

Glad things are going well. Miss our old trips - some of my favorites.

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Nope, no boats left…Iirc the Reflection went to a guy from RI along with a pole and the Dumoine got the gunwales removed and placed over the Encore on another guys roof…