So what were the top boats in the Adirondack 90 miler this year?

Guessing the Wenonahs and Savage Rivers but if you were there can you please post the makes and models? Any Northwoods boats?


All I can tell you is on the end of the first day it was a C-4 that came in first and an Epic 18 that came in second. They were a long way ahead of the following boats.

Unfortunately, although they must have the boats listed on the entry forms, I can’t find any results that list the boats, only the people and times.

We had a cabin on the beach where they land on the first day, but this being our 19th year I took almost no pictures. In spite of spectacular weather, the crowds on the beach were smaller that usual. There was considerable confusion at the finish as they had not placed the finish marks out when the first boats came in and then placed two tiny floats that were hard to see far to the left side from the beach from where they usually were placed. In addition the police did not show up for traffic control for some reason.