So, why no buzz on NC Kayaks?

-- Last Updated: May-16-06 9:42 AM EST --

I went up to Maine and tested both the QCC and NC kayaks at Water Walker. Both very nice boats. It was very windy that day and for me, a novice kayaker, the NC just tracked so much better down wind. Other comments that it tracks like it is on a rail are just simply true. They are less expensive than QCC and have more beautiful color why no cult following for them? My only complaint was that I woke up the next day with a sore lower back (don't know which brand did it). Ray said I could order the NC 17 Quest without a seat and recommended the Creature Comfort seat from these guys:

Any thoughts on that seat?

By the way, to all of you who said that Ray is great, you are absolutely right.

Buzz?? cult??? Are we in high school here?

Forget what anyone else says or doesn’t say, what matters most is you found a great boat. Go out and have fun in it!