SoCal lake or equivalent for practice

We’re at O`Neill for a few nights and would like to find somewhere close for skills practice. Which will include a lot of being in the water.
Looked at the closest lake Lake Mission Viejo and it’s private.
We did drive yesterday to paddle the waters around Balboa, first time we could get near water in the last 7 months. Now I’d like to spend a couple/few hours working on some skills and turning my boat over but having trouble finding anything near us. Loads of “no bodies in the water” reservoirs and private lakes.
Is it even possible?

So you are not at “Lake O’Neil?”

How far is Lake Elsinore?

Did you look on Google Earth?

baby beach Dana Point Harbor. <——-maybe closest

Lots of SUP

Ha we just flew home from San Clemente

No, the campground. Is there a Lake O`Neill? Getting out maps now . . .

Are you on the Marine base?

Oceanside harbor, OH go to the Oceanside boat basin :+1:t3:

It’s opposite of the Oceanside harbor (or go there)

Get up early and avoid the crowds and park more easily

Dana Point harbor same —-I’m not sure which is closest to you

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There is but you need base access and the water is kind of yucky

It’s for fishing

Try Oceanside harbor or the Oceanside basin or Dana Point

There’s a little private lake off the 5 frwy off Tamarack off ramp . Near Carlsbad.
I’ve been there years ago waterskiing.

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You do not want to practice rolling in Oceanside Harbor, the water quality is very bad, also the lagoon at Tamarack has very bad water quality. Try Old Man’s ( the southern most public beach at San Onofre State park). The waves there are currently ankle high.

Not really rolling, working on self rescues, emptying water out of the cockpit in deep water, ect, ect.
Still working on getting a feel for the balance on this one when I climb on from the water. It really wants to roll over when I’m on the back deck. :laughing: