"Social" kayaking group/club

I live in the Boston metro area and am interested in hooking up with a “social” kayaking club/group of enthusiasts that does a fair amount of salt water kayaking – not “big” open water – mostly coastal waters like inlets, harbors, bays, tidal waters, etc. I’m a fairly skilled, capable paddler but I don’t think I’ll ever be an “Uber Kayaker” but would like to paddle with people from whom I can learn things, carry on an occasional conversation, enjoy a day on the water with like-minded people. Any suggestions, recommendations, invitations appreciated. Thanks!

Two Clubs In The Area
north shore paddlers network - NSPN

Boston Area Sea Kayaking Club - BASKC (?name may be off)

Finding your match
You’ll often find that there will be a subset of paddlers in a larger group that will tend to have very close interests to yours in the goals of their paddling. So even if one of the groups that Sing mentions above seems at first blush to be loaded with the uber-paddlers you mention, you will likely find some in there that are a closer match for your own paddling.

Check out wtpaddlers.org
We are a group mainly south of Boston. Not a club per se but a good bunch of people of varying skill levels. wtpaddlers.org

Thanks everyone
A great bunch of suggestions for me to follow up on. Thanks.