SOF covering question.

Beginning to think about skinning the Sea Flea and sewing the cover on instead of using the stapling method on Yostwerks.Any tips will be appreciated.

I’ve skinned three kayaks. Good instructions (free) are available at I just covered mine with 8oz nylon and “Goop” (a two part polyurethane)It costs about $100 to cover a typical kayak. I recenty made a Yost boat too. The sewn nylon skin in much tighter. This obviously isn’t something you would use on a folding kayak.

Thank you! Looks like a good site.

OK, what is SOF?
I keep seeing this acronym and don’t know what it stands for. (I’m half-newbie.) Thanks.

Skin on Frame.
A fabric covered boat with a wood or aluminum frame.


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I too have a nylon/goop covered SOF. I found the 2-part goop difficult to apply, but the result is nearly bullet-proof - or at least oyster shell proof. Mine has drips and blobs on the surface which don't seem to affect anything adversely.

Here are a couple of boat-building forums that include skinboats you can check out if you haven't already:

Many on the kayak building forums recommend a 1-part product called Coelan boat coating. It's expensive but gives a good result and is more idiot-proof. I'm going to use it over nylon on my next boat (I'm thinking Yost Nikumi).