SOF kayak building

I’m in the research stage of thinking about building a SOF kayak. Can anyone direct me to web sites that might be helpful? Are there any women out there who have built one? I’d appreciate any input. Thank you.

No personal experience, but:

a few resources

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If you don't mind non-traditional, check out Yostwerks for designs that can be built of wood, or as aluminum-frame folders. Online, free procedures, with tables of numeric offsets from which bulkheads can be accurately drawn and built.

I intend to build a Sea Dart after I finish my current project. The design is so new, he doesn't have any pics of it up yet. Here's the design page.

Builders of all types of kayaks hang out at You can learn a lot by reading current threads, or going through the archive, where relevant posts begin with a skin-on-frame header. You'll find references to other resources both among the site's own links, and within posts of builders.

There's a new post there tonight, from a woman planning to build a second (and perhaps third) SOF with her daughter.

Just up the coast…

Ditto Cape Falcon
Brian gives an exlent class and builds good boats.


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Piling on for Brian - he teaches well, and now you can build any of a number of boats during his classes. I love my SC-1 and it's been popular with a few women who have borrowed it. Plenty of women have taken his course too.

PS - I see you like surf - the F-1 loves it too:

Building a sof
We just had a group of 12 people building sof kayaks together this past winter. Eight of us were women and we had a blast. Mine isn’t quite done yet, still working on skinning it. There are quite a few websites and blogs out there that will help you understand the process better. You can check out my blog

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Thanks to all
Thank you for all the information. I’ve got great places to start doing some research. The building workshops sound like a prime way to go about it, but the time and distance may be limiting factors.

Thank you again.

look here


In the SF Bay area

Yes, women build them.
The local paddling group, a woman has built her own.

And, on the Kayak Building Bulletine Board ( - a woman just came back after a few years. She built a kayak for her daughter. The daughter has grown out of it and now she’s considering building 2 more.