SOF kayaks

A local guy bought 2 SOFs last year from a local kayak builder and realizes that he made a mistake… I ran into him at the mechanic’s shop the other day and he asked me if I wanted to buy them. It’s too bad he didn’t talk to more people before buying these-while they are great looking kayaks, they can be more for those of us who have more experience in the water…One is 14 feet long and the other is 16 feet long.If anyone might be interested in buying these,please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the seller. I think he’s going to buy a “plastic” kayak next and work his way up like most of us here do. He has never had them in the water BTW!!

what $ range…

I’d be interested
in the 16 foot.

What is his email address.

With your photography skills
I’m surprised you don’t have any pics…

Find Out The Size
and inseam length of the owner for whom these were built. Traditional SOF’s can be customized to a certain degree but not much. If the masik and foot beam is way out of whack, don’t bother cause a bad fitting SOF ain’t something you want to use. Of course, you can also take off the skin and make adjustments but the skin will cost you about $100 and then you still have to work the masik and/or foot beam.


is on a hunting trip right now, but I have his cell number and will try it tomorrow.

They aren’t my yaks
and I just found out that he wants to sell them.

Thanks for your 2 cents sing
I’ll have to ask Chuck about that one when I talk to him.

What about story pole measurements?
Or, it might just be eaiser at this point to measure seat back height, seat back to footrest, floor to bottom of massik, front of massik to footrest, cockpit width and overall beam width. Shoe size may be a good addition also. I do agree that it’ll be a hard sell, but you have my attention.

I’ve got a couple I’ll sell, too,…
…but doesn’t this belong in the Classified section?

Okay - dummy here - what’s an SOF

Skin on Frame… eom

I got ahold of Chuck this morning and gave him your email address-he can do the measuring thing. He said that the footpegs were adjustable, that’s all I know…Linda