SOF progress

Well as mentioned before I got my Peter Strand SOF a few weeks ago. It is a real beauty and I will post pics and videos soon.

My progression with the boat so far is:

standard greenland roll. (just got my offside working pretty well day before yesterday but would not call it 100%)

balance brace

sculling brace

resting with head on paddle and paddle under boat and in hand (Padilla video)

angel (butterfly) roll

norsaq roll (finally pretty consistent)

armpit roll. (surprised how easy this was)

roll with the paddle blade behind my head and touching opposite gunwale and rolling up with paddle still behind head.

Oh yeah, a pretty standard roll holding the paddle in normal position…(kinda like a regular roll or a c to c? dunno)

I am going to start working on some backwards sweeping rolls to come up leaning forward instead of laying back. Still trying to figure out the progression underwater. Guess I will keep watching that video!

Peter tells me the pain will go away eventually.


What is really cool is how I am able to transfer some of these moves to the tempest.


ANd as you roll around South Florida, tru not to forget how to

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

before you know it
you’re gonna invent your own roll!!!


Awesome that you can do all those!


Daved Brosche

Paddling Guide — kayak shirts

interesting that you said that. Good point. I haven’t taken the tempest out around the lake in a while as I have been dedicating my hour or so in the morning to practicing rolling. today I got back home and did a half an hour on the rolling machine before going to work, I have been missing the 8.75 mile workout on the lake three times a week and I can feel it in my strength/body.

I think what I am going to have to do, just to be able to share the pain with other parts of the body is roll three or four times a week and just paddle on for the other days.

The problem is this damned video. I watch it and then I think about it then I want to get out on the water and try it, then botch it up and try and try again until I sort of get it…at that point I quit until the next day.

pain is good isn’t it?


The reverse sweep roll
can be really disorientating for the first few rolls. What I have found helpful is to be able to do the chest skull maneuver well. Then when you attempt the reverse sweep roll, arch your back way back, capsize, and then as you start to sweep forward look up to the water surface and make sure the tip of paddle is staying above the water as you continue the sweep. When the paddle gets perpindicular to the kayak then roll up. I was having problems with this roll until i kept the paddle at the water surface during the sweep and then it is at a good position for the recovery.

I was surprised when I tried some of the greenland rolls in a Perception Carolina and I could do them. It was more dificult but still doable.

chest scull
very interesting. I was watching that tody and thinking that it shouldn’t be too difficult (of course I haven’t tried it yet) but I didn’t think of it in it’s relationship to a roll but now that makes perfect sense. Arching your back and capsizing and then coming up to a chest scull position would work and from there it should be relatively easy to work out the kinks for the reverse sweep rolls etc.

I love this stuff. so many variations… great fun.


question for schizopak and others
How much bouyancy do you gain with the Tuilik? I found that I coudl even blow inside my tuiluik when I was first starting and get a little more air in there to help float up to a balance brace.

Also do you use your PFD under or over the tuilik?


The Tuiliq
significantly increases your bouyancy and makes a lot of the slow maneuvers easier. One of the tricks of the Pond Scum in learning or practicing more difficult moves is sucking extra air into the tuiliq to facilitate. Just realize what you do in the tuiliq may not work as well if you normally don’t wear one in regular paddling.


The tuilik is a big warm bag of flexible flotation around your body which greatly facilitates rolling. If I’m going out for rolling practice, I wear a belt PFD under by tuilik and if I’m actually paddling bigger water, I’ll wear a real PFD over the tuilik.

Techniques such as balance braces and hand rolls are much easier in a tuilik due to the flotation and flexibility that it allows you.

Is that a feathercraft folding boat?


I’m not Jeff but I know that he paddles a beautiful Feathercraft Khatsalano.

just e-mailed you about your videos

chest scull
Have been gone for a week. Came back yesterday and got the chest scull down…pretty easy.

Now to put it all together with a reverse sweep…


I am grinning at all these GP posts…